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Listen new Laterra release feat. Pastaboys, Juju & Jordash, Ricky Cardelli!

“Amore” means love.
Love means everything.
Love means patience, dedication, curiosity, sensuality.
Love makes you move.
Love makes you move forward.

Dj Ralf’s Laterra is back with another great joint, this time involving the great and well revered Pastaboys collective (Rame, Uovo, Dino Angioletti), three gentlemen that shaped since the early 90’s some of the best moments house music ever had (check the facts). Still, their touch&vibe is fresh, contemporary, ultra-layered.

The Juju & Jordash take on the track surprisingly defies gravity and adds some odd directions, while running through a steady, accurate and evocative dub attitude, while Ricky Cardelli (of Capofortuna and FunkRimini fame) gives a subtle&sexy afro-funky treatment. This is release is ready to grace dancefloors, now. Because love is grace. “Amore” is grace. “Amore” means love.

Laterra Recordings @ 2023